About Us

We first established ourselves in the fruitshake business in the year 2000 with our location in the Hamilton Mall Food Court. In 2006 we had an opportunity to expand with a new location as a large kiosk in the center of the foodcourt as California Fruitshakes & Yogurt. Our menu consisted of just a dozen fruitshakes, orange juice, and coffee. In 2012, we opened California Frozen Yogurt in Margate, NJ where we capitalized on the ever popular trend of self serve yogurt. At this location we offered a few shakes as well as a variety of self-serve frozen yogurt flavors and toppings.

Unfortunately, just a few months after opening this location, it was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy while the self-serve trend began to decline. In the process of repairing the damage to the store we decided to take a new approach. We added fresh juices to the menu and really focused on juicing and all of its benefits. In 2013 we reopened under the same name but added a large fresh fruit display. It was at this point that the concept of our fresh juices and shakes really took off. People really loved the juices, shakes, and acai bowls so we demolished the large kiosk in the winter of 2013 and replaced it with a store that focused on just that. We did very well with our drinks; so well that my son was eager to expand the brand for more people to enjoy. Also my daughter, who studies nutritional sciences, has dedicated her time, efforts, and expertise to help perfect our vision. We then decided to open a new and improved version of our favorite store in the Deptford Mall and another across from the Rowan Campus in Glassboro. We would like to thank you for your continued support over the years through all of our growth and success.

The Galanos Family
& The California Fruit Shake Team