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Acai Bowls

What's Inside?

Blended organic Acai with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, & coconut milk.

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Fresh Juices

What's Inside?

Fresh fruit and veggies packed with nutrients and juiced to perfection.

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What's Inside?

A refreshing icy blend of fruit, vegetables, and optional yogurt & coconut milk just the way you like it!

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What's Inside?

A creamy blend of ice cream or frozen yogurt and your choice of extras like fruit & candy.

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What Makes Us Different?

Try Our Signature Trademarked Crowd FAVORITE Smoothie!!!

The Green Monster ™

Treat Yourself

Now Serving Coffee & Hot Tea!

we have the freshest fruit cups too!!😍 pick your 5 favorite fruits for the same price as a small shake! ...

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order the “Cupid’s Crush” today and receive 10% off any size!! 💗
Also don’t forget to pick up our natural aphrodisiac shot the Burnin’ Love 💗

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JUICE CLEANSES JUST MADE AND READY FOR PICK UP (Glassboro location only, only pick ups)
DM us to reserve your cleanse they are going fast! Pick ups are 2/12-2/16
If you have questions and are interested in a cleanse also DM us and we can find the right one for you!

6 delicious juices for $39.95

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SHOTS ARE IN EVERYONE!!! Come give these beauty-🔥 a try!
You can really feel the heat with this shot 😘

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COMING THIS WEEK!!!!!! Our new shot! Just in time for Valentines Day ❤️ Works as a natural beautifier and aphrodisiac
Also promotes heart and blood health

Stay tuned will be available in our Glassboro location this week 😍

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Hangover/immunity kit
Try our hangover cure combined with our booster shot to fight off that hangover or to kick start your immune system

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Our delicious Ambrosia with spirulina added in to get those unhealthy metals out of your body!! ...

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Protein shakes with an antioxidant boost of our açaí base 😍 ...

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Juice cleanse ready for pick up!! Still taking orders for pickups 1/6 Monday!!! $35 for 6 juices ...

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The holidays are the BEST time of the year. You know what the best part is ALL THE TREATS!!! Try some Peppermint hot chocolate to warm you up or peppermint flavored coffees to kick start your last minute errands 😍 ...

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Our delicious protein bites are back!!! Stop by our Glassboro location and try these filling and yummy bites 😋

All Natural-Vegan-Gluten Free

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Come try our holiday cappuccino!! ❄️☃️⛄️❄️☃️🌬
Oat Milk
Happy holidays!!!

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Pre-holiday juice cleanses are ready!!! Clean your gut and try this set!! ...

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Remember to fight that flu season!
Don’t wait until you’re so sick you have to take antibiotics and medicine.

Use our all natural way of preventing and eliminating sickness with our shot!! Get the boost you need to fight this cold weather

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A little combo of our booster shot and celery shot in one cup 😍. Ask us about our “Boost”er shot made to help during this sick season. Good for the immune system, inflammation, and the all around common cold 🤒 ...

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When the customer’s bowl looks too pretty, you have to ask to take a pic before ringing them up 😍

Our organic and all natural nutty bowl blend (blended w peanut butter powder) with peanut butter on the bottom and Nutella on top 😍 (added coconut flakes as well)

Talk about nutty!!! #bowl #healthylifestyle #acaibowl

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